Prostitution Informative Speech

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Have you ever wondered what possesses young people to get into the profession of prostitution? Prostitution is the practice of engaging in any type of sexual intercourse for money. All prostitutes are victims of human trafficking in some way or form. 90% of prostitutes get into the profession because they were abused sexually, physically, or mentally as a child and turn to this in search of affection, while others are in it simply for the money. The brief history, client base, and basic facts/statistics are going to give you some insight on this peculiar employment. Prostitution is the oldest profession in recorded history. The 18th Century code of Hammurabi included laws to protect the young girls who sold themselves sexually. The girls …show more content…
While others, are in the profession for the money. 38% of prostitutes are in this to help pay off school loans, house bills, and other basic life needs. 59% of the girls will not finish high school, while the other 3% won’t even make it to middle school. For the poor young girls who stray from home and wind up getting into human trafficking are hooked on to some type of narcotic within the first few months. The chances of any of these girls surviving life past the age of 28 is highly unlikely. “These women are at greater risk of cervical cancer and could spread the human papilloma virus among the population of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, either through direct transmission or indirect transmission.” A study done in Minnesota revealed that 15% of women who engaged in prostitution had an STD within 6 months.
In conclusion, prostitution is one of the oldest professions with the most life threatening situations. Human trafficking is a terrifying situation that is happening day after day to lost innocent children. The men/women who pimp out these ladies are extremely educated and ruthless. Prostitution, whether it’s a college student paying off loans or a drug addicted teen is an illegal profession. This career contracts the most STD’s and drug transactions in the world. The dangers of prostitution are a very current scare

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