Essay on The History Of Oceanic Transportation

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Water is one of the oldest methods of transport. Around the eighteenth century, larger farms in the American colonies began to form and produce crops such as tobacco, rice, wheat, indigo, and cotton which were marketable in Europe. This started a trade of these goods with Europe for items such as linens, ink, and finished products. Ocean vessels were used to transport the bulk goods from the colonies and return with the goods from Europe. The goods from the American colonies were considered low-value goods whereas the goods from Europe were considered high-value goods. Therefore the trades produced a much higher return on investment (ROI) per vessel trip. This was the beginning of global oceanic transport logistics.
In addition to the effect on the economy and trade, the ease, convenience, and low cost of transporting goods via water, which stimulated the development of oceanic transport for the purpose of trade, also influenced migration trends as colonists began settling and establishing communities around navigable waterways such as rivers, canals, lakes, and oceans..
A major contributing factor to the low cost of oceanic transport is that it requires little to no construction or maintenance. The cost of transporting by water is significantly less than other modes of transport. For transporting bulky goods over long distances, transport by water is the best option as there is less chance of breakdowns or accidents and…

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