The History Of Meet The Beetles

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Register to read the introduction… and Britain. The only thing that could take it from its place was their second album (Rock Giants). The name of the album was Meet the Beetles. It stayed at the top of the British charts for 22 weeks, and was selling extremely well all around the world. The singles from the LP all went straight to number one on the pop charts, replacing each other in succession. The sixth single of the album had the largest advanced orders in recording history.
     The Beatles produced six more albums for a total of eight, all of which went to number one. The Beatles where also the creators of several films including The Yellow Submarine , which has become a musical cartoon classic.
By the time the Let It Be tapes came out in 1970, the "Fab Four" where falling apart, Paul desperately tried to keep the band together, but when he realized he was the only one who still cared about it, he gave up as well. The group disbanded in 1971, through a law suit. John 'Lennon had a fairly successful solo career with Yoko Ono after the band's breakup, until he was assassinated in 1980. Paul continues to have a successful musical career to this day. The number of number one Beatles' singles, 20 in the United
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His entire family was very musically inclined. His father and aunt played together at the local Baptist Church. His main influence was his father's immense collection of
Blues and R & B records.
     In 1959, he dropped out of high school and joined the military. He was discharged when he hurt himself in a parachute drop (Rock Giants). After he was discharged he joined a circle of big name black performers, such as Little
Richard and Wilson Pickett and others. This is where he would learn some of his most impressive stage tricks like playing over his head and behind his back.
     Hendrix didn't think that he could ever become a big name in Rock and
Roll star, because of his unworthy voice. But when he heard Bob Dylan, he realized that the voice wasn't important as he thought it was.
     In 1965 he formed Jimmy James and the Blue Flames, and began touring
Greenwich Village. While playing at these clubs he started incorporating some of his trademark techniques into his performances, such as feedback and fuzzboxes. Jimi got his break while The Animals where touring in the

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