The History Of Law Enforcement Essay

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As the ongoing world we live in continues to develop, everything as we once knew it becomes history. In this paper we will discuss the History of Law Enforcement as it goes back to time dated as the B.C.E and how the world progressed years later. Law enforcement is any system by which some members of society act in an organizing. Law enforcement helps maintain peace, order and protection, dealing with property and citizens from criminals. According to The National Law Enforcement Museum Law enforcement History goes back to a historical time when people were responsible for leading justice based on a tribe. In any society the law is necessarily right. Everyone must have a minimum of rules and professional ethics in the work we perform.
Law enforcement at its earliest goes back to about 3000 B.C.E when policemen would guard public places as well as gravesites. Egyptian empire had their own administrators who would be responsible for protective security and overseeing justice. The Ancient Mesopotamia some, like Egypt would separate in different areas and come up with their own governor in each area was responsible for imposing their own laws. In the mid- nineteenth century American policing begin however only in response to the urban problems that arose by the Manufacturing Uprising. It was heavily populated and culturally and ethnically diverse communities where people lived and worked. The Germans sometimes call the barbarians were governed by a chief…

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