The History Of Greek Colonization Essay

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The history of Greek Colonization is a long story that traces its roots back as early as 1050 BCE where the first Greeks began to colonize Asia Minor and in the span of 500 years the Greeks will have spread themselves from Levant to Iberia and Crimea to Naucratis respectively. This colonization process would play a hand in many of the Greek conflicts both domestically and abroad as well has having a profound effect on the cultural and civil trajectories of the mother cities of Hellas. The question to be answered though is why the Greeks first set off on this mass emigration from Greece. The Greeks began to send out colonies due to a scarcity of resources in Greece, the desire for trade and commerce, and lastly the pressures that stasis had on the polis.
The Greek people would grow up with the stories of rich and fertile lands as described as the author Homer “Meadows lie by the seashore, lush and soft, where vines would thrive. It has level fields with deep, rich soil that would produce bumper crops season after season.” (Odyssey Book 9 115-130). The attractive depiction of these foreign shores was especially tantalizing when considering the poor conditions of Greece. Greece itself is a rocky landscape allowing for few crops harvests to reach beyond a subsidence level of existence. That is not all though, Greece also lacks the rich ore and timber deposits found in the surrounding regions. As different Polis popped up over Greece they soon found it hard to meet the growing…

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