The History Of Education And Its Impact On The Education System

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The history of education is used to consider a passive recording for the history, but it can be interesting subject to learn because of his high discuss value to encourage critical thinking and broaden the horizon of knowledge. Also, the study of the history of education can possibly lead to significant reformation on the education system even if sometimes it can reproduce some unexpected consequences to people create the study.
The learning of the history of education can encourage critical thinking and expand the scope of knowledge of learners. First, there is no clear answer to many historical issues, so history learners can start an open-ended discussion for improving their ability of critical thinking. According to “Recovering Our Histories: Studying Educational History through Stories and Memoirs” by Theodore Christou, the discussions for historical issues can be based on multiple perspectives, and there are always possible to have different opinions for a same issue (3). In order to encourage learners to think and study critically, the ideal content of textbooks should be “provocative and stimulating” (Christou, 3). This idea is consistent with the idea of William Godwin that books are not materials that children need to memorize the minute details, but materials to encourage children to think and discover ( Bottoms, “‘ Awaking the Mind’: the Educational Philosophy of William Godwin”, 280). It means that educators should focus on encouraging learners to think…

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