Steve Jobs History

Prior to contrary belief, Apple Inc. was not founded by one person, it was actually founded by two. Steve Jobs, one of the most iconic faces of Apple was the man who took all the “claim to fame” but he was only one piece to the puzzle. Before the name “Apple” was a thought, Jobs knew that he needed a right hand man, one who knew and understood computer better than anyone. That man was best friend, Steve Wozniak. Jobs met Woz at a technology convention in California’s Melono Park, known as the Homebrew Computer Club. He would soon be the engineer of the early stages of the technology company.
On April 1, 1976, a company was born. Yet to have a name, the two young enthusiast were going to embark on their future careers. However, they both
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Lisa versus Michentosh. It would be the space race of Apple Inc. Lisa stood for Local Integrated System Architecture expected to sell at roughly at $10,000. On the opposing side, Jeff Raskin and his team of employees were developing the Macintosh, aimed at home users and businesses. But Jeff’s main goal: To be the first Apple computer with a graphical interface. Whichever team created a computer with a graphical interface, first, Apple - as a company - wanted the teams to create their machines at a price point that was relatively inexpensive, so that the product could appeal to the masses. Also, the company stated that if a team wished to have a mouse, the price was to be capped at $15 dollars (the cheapest on on the market at that time being $300: Macworld: History of Apple). With the angst of all the developement at Apple Inc., Jobs founded himself involved in Lisa’s development. At this time, Michael Scott was Apples CEO. He worded out of a corporate building, which sidelined Jobs. Due to this, he was no longer responsible, and handed the responsibility to John Couch. In this case, Jobs had turned to the Macintosh. The project had already been in development since 1989, so when Jobs joined the project, it was already well advanced. Still, this did not stop Jobs from making huge changes to its design. This included new external design and integration of the graphical operating …show more content…
Jobs knew that the Macintosh would change that. With IBM’s slogan stating that “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” worked in IBM’s favor. It was a trusted brand, and everyone knew what they would get. That is where Apple took a gamble. They wanted to hit IBM where it hurt. Apple’s Macintosh ad portrayed Apple as humanities one and only hope for the future. They hired Anya Major, a renowned athlete, in white shirt and red shorts, with a picture of a Mac on her vest. She was bright and youthful, while the rest of the ad was dark and blue. There were brainwashed people who were gassing up to a screen with “Big Brother” who lectured them. It was her to throw a hammer and break the screen, turning the ad black, with a narrator saying a memorable slogan, “‘On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you 'll see why 1984 won 't be like Nineteen Eighty-Four.” This set a new era for Apple Inc., which in turned helped them regain world recognition, propelling them to the industry

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