The History Channel ' Dark Ages ' Vs. The Middle Ages Essays

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The History Channel’s “Dark Ages” vs. the Middle Ages The time period between 500 CE to 1000 CE has gained many labels over the years ranging from just simply the Middle Ages to the deep and gruesome Dark Ages. Generally, true Historians will make the reference to this time period as the Middle Ages and other people and documentaries who speak of this time call it the Dark Ages. The documentary put on by the History Channel portrays the early middle ages as a time when all hell had broken loose and there was rarely a time of peace that interrupted. This is contrary to the readings and lectures because through them we find that this is actually quite a time for reform where new relationships were and violence was supposedly for a good cause, but the documentary does similarly portray stories of St. Benedict in order to draw attention from the viewers so that they could see a sense of peace in the chaos. The Dark Ages as the History Channel calls it and portrays it was a time period of agony and brutal killings (Dark Ages). Everyone seemed to be on the brink of death due to sickness, starvation, or utter fear. This terror was all caused by the dirty, smelly, sweaty thugs that invaded Rome and caused it to “fall” (Dark Ages). These thugs would eventually be unmasked as the Visigoths. They are portrayed through scenes that consist of war, bloody streets, and stormy, foggy days. There is no real color in these scenes besides the color of red and that is a strong symbol towards…

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