The Historical Sparta 's Successes And Failures Essay

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The Historical Sparta’s Successes and Failures
The State of Sparta in ancient Greece is one of the unique models of human communities for reasons of distinct patterns of human societies throughout history. This state, which was the main power in the ancient Greek world, will remain a symbol of the militarization of communities either for ideological reasons, or for reasons of social and cultural different patterns compared to other ancient cities. Ancient Greece was divided into many City-States and they were relatively small states in terms of size and population. However, Sparta was considered larger than other cities. Spartan entity was marked in this context from the majority of other states that it was a society that was centered on the army, which was limited to male class of Spartan citizens not others. This category of military was the major theme that Sparta was centered around. While the production capacities, which relies on forced, labor Helots that cost the cultivation of the land and all other acts of inferiority, the high level of business in the community was limited to the Spartan citizens.
Sparta was known with a system of governance that combines the democratic system and the kingdom system. The origin the Spartans’ society started with the tribes invading the Laconia’s region in southern Greece, and Sparta city were initially risen from the center of that region. This land became the center of the Spartan people that invaded that land and took power over…

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