The Historical Events Influenced The Creation Of The Constitution And Declaration Of Independence

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2.) Please briefly describe the political and historical factors that precipitated the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. What are some different accounts of the documents’ purposes?

I will first describe the historical background that led to the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. After that, I will explain how the historical events influenced the creation of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I will then analyze the influence of political factors. In the historical and political factors paragraphs, I will also explain what the documents were trying to achieve and why the documents are set up the way they are.

Historical Background
I will firstly provide a brief historical overview. During the time that the United States were still colonies, there was enormous wealth inequality between the rich and the poor. The wealthy had enormous amounts of money while the people at the bottom were starving. Rich people very outwardly displayed their affluence, which led to the poor becoming angry and mob-like. The rich realized that if they can redirect poor people’s anger towards the British, then the rich can gain complete control instead of just on-the-ground control. Other events also increased discontent with the British. The British needed to recoup money after fighting the French and Indian War and taxed American colonists on paper using the Stamp Act. Colonists became angry and fought off the taxes.…

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