The Historical Dialectic Materialist Approach Essay

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The historical dialectic materialist approach represents a key feature of Marxist thought. It is so vital to his explanations of history that it has often been seen as being synonymous with Marx himself. If one wants to understand history as a dynamic, and historical process, it is essential to look at it materially. Ultimately, the historical dialectic materialist approach allows us to make sense of why things are the way they are in a certain era. Three concepts go into explaining the historical dialectic materialist approach. The historical aspect, refers to history, and the explanation of humankind. The dialectic that Marx is referring to is a way to see how real things being and end and how it is all about the clashing, or dialectic, or ideas. Lastly, the materialist approach refers to understanding reality from a materialist viewpoint. This essay serves to explain the main components of Marx’s historical dialectic materialist approach, as well as investigating the criticism associate with it and the views of other dialectical and non-dialectical approaches.

Marx’s theory is largely based off of Hegel’s conception of how history develops. He stated that history occurs through dialectics- opposing forces clashing together in order to induce change. In this sense, Hegel viewed history as moving forwards and backwards towards increased rationality and unfolding towards humanities greatest potential but revealing itself through ideas. Hegel asserted that true reality is…

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