The Historical Development Of Nursing Science Essay

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Nursing started out as a very different job, in the 19th-century women where employees only until marriage then decided to stay home and be homemakers. There was no such thing as nursing theory, and physicians were entirely responsible for patient care of which usually took place inside of the ill persons’ home. Nursing was work for the poor, lower class, and servants, middle class educated women were not nurses (University of Phoenix, 2016, week one lecture). That was all before Florence Nightingale transformed nursing. Florence Nightingale, was the first nursing theorist although she did not call herself a theorist, in 1859 she wrote the book "Notes on Nursing, that focuses on the manipulation of the environment for the benefit of the patient" (George, 2011, p. 5). After Florence, there was no more theorist until the 1950s. Starting with the 1950s and traveling into the present day, the nursing timeline you will discover while reading this paper will cover, the historical development of nursing science, theorist, and their theories, and events throughout history.
Nursing since the 1950s In 1950 Columbia University recognized the need to educate nurses at the graduate level to prepare them for higher positions in the administration. The first nursing science theorist were graduates of the Columbia program, some of the theorists were, Peplau, Henderson, Hall, and Abdellah. The theorist of this era was educating on a biomedical model that they based on what nurses do, their…

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