The Historical Context Of Nationalism Essay

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The historical context of nationalism dates back to the late eighteenth century as the French Revolution and time of enlightenment, helped society realize the importance of the ideal nation of arms and the emphasis on discipline within its military. The interest in one’s nation was now a derived concept of bound independent ideas of its people driven by the aspirations to the whole of a nation and the loyalty and patriotism for one’s count. The foundation of nationalism, shaped by social, political and economic reforms that occurred years before, deeply affected how society waged war on other national states. This new ideology reformed the balance of power between nations and citizens and used the shared beliefs in a nation’s societal pride and sovereign equality to revolutionize the way wars were wage well into the 21st century. Social reforms and ideology shaped nation’s army as citizen lead formations and changed the dynamics of how nations fought its wars. In the early 15th century, the dynastic wars fought mainly with mercenaries as infantry and the elites of society filled the ranks of the cavalry . The administration hired armies’ on demand for nation’s conflicts, which fueled the societies view or stereotype with the norm of problem in discipline among the ranks. Soldiers were part of a nation’s army to make a living, not to fight or die for a cause; nation’s citizens often viewed their unprofessionalism, lewd behavior and lost respect and trust within the…

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