The Historical Characteristics Of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Historical Information about the period of publication
During 1810s, the French Empire reached its greatest size. The French invasion of Russia of 1812 dramatically weakened the French which then allowed Austria, Prussia, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Portugal to defeat France in the War of the Sixth Coalition. Napoleon was then exiled but returned to France on March 1, 1815. During this time, liberalism spread throughout much of France which made many states adopt the Napoleonic code because of the radicalism from the French Revolution. These codes helped suppress liberalism and nationalism. Frankenstein was published during the Romantic period and the Industrial Revolution.
Plot Summary
The story begins letters from Roger Walton
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She married a religious writer, Percy Shelley. After her marriage, her life was filled with many hardships which include custody of Percy’s children with his former wife, the death of two of their children, Percy’s affair, her miscarriage, and Percy’s death. She started writing Frankenstein while on vacation at a friend’s house. It was written as a dare between friends.
Characteristics about the genre/period
Romanticism is a style of art and literature during the late 18th and early 19th century that emphasized the imagination and emotions. Gothicism is a style of writing that describes strange or frightening events that take place in mysterious places. Frankenstein had a big influence on current horror stories, films and plays. It is also considered to be one of the earliest examples of science fiction.
Describe the author’s style
Mary Shelley utilizes a frame story which was popular in the Romantic period. The purpose of it was to provide the reader with more than one narrator. The reader could have viewpoints of both Frankenstein and Victor. Shelley also included allusions which showed her vast intelligence on many other

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