The Historical Backdrop Of Cuba Essay

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Heritage Essay
Just some 93 miles off of the southernmost point of the United States lies Cuba. Cuba is an island known for the most beautiful beaches and its crystal clear water. Most don’t know very much about Cuba. Majority, only know of its’ communistic tendencies and of past event involvement. What most people don 't understand, is what occurs everyday in Cuba. Cubans know the art of survival, which ultimately attributes to their quality of life.
Historically, Cuba is similar to that of the United States and others countries in South America. The only difference being that Cuba was the only to become a communist country. This caused many Cubans to flee to other countries for a better way of life. Being that I know personally of someone that has lived in Cuba during that hard time of dictatorship, it was always professed to me the environment that did not allow success to full potential (add citation)..
The historical backdrop of Cuba is rich and captivating. Prior to the Spanish occupation, the island was inhabited by indigenous Amerindian tribes. By the late 15th century, Spanish occupation and colonization was prominent, and remained until the Spanish-American war of 1898. In 1902, as a result of the war, the island then gained nominal independence; meaning they were protected by the United States. As the republic attempted to strengthen its democratic system, growing political radicalization and social unrest built up to the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista…

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