Essay about The Hiroshima Or Apartheid?

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Apartheid When we were given the topics, I could either choose to write about Hiroshima or Apartheid. I considered Hiroshima because of how horrific it was in Japan and how many lives were destroyed because of the foolishness and pride of the men who were the cause of the bombing. Apartheid was a longer period of time and many Native Africans lives were changed. The Europeans thought that because they have a different lifestyle or look different from the Dutch and English, they were better. Apartheid intrigued me because was that there was discrimination in South Africa from 1948-1994. I wanted to hear both sides of the story. For example, I know there was luxury for the Europeans, but wanted to know what it what was it like for the Afrikaans, the natives of Africa. I wanted to read into the reasons why the natives of South Africa were treated as second class citizens. With such ignominy on their own land where they were treated like they were anything less than human.

Historical Context South Africa first became a colony in 1652 by the National party which ruled South Africa until 1994. This era was given the name Apartheid, which according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, is derived from the word, “apartness”. The name represents the policy that would ultimately make the English and Dutch the dominant group of that country. According to Marissa K. Evans who wrote an article on Apartheid,…

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