The Hippolytus 's The Paschal Meal Essay

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The Paschal Meal Hippolytus brings out the link between the sacraments of initiation and the Eucharist being the summit. Also, the sacrament of penance reaches its peak in the Eucharist, hence, the central sacrament is the Eucharist. The understanding of the Passover for the primitive church and the Jewish paschal ritual has to be clarified. Roland de Vaux thinks that the origin of the Passover ritual is from the nomadic shepherds who offered young animal for the well-being of their flocks. The Israelites used this ritual to commemorate their exodus from Egypt. This ritual in Exodus 12 is outlined as a family feast/meal to strengthen family and tribal union. Specific symbols were; a lamb and the blood is smeared on the lintel of their door post, unleavened bread, bitter herbs, girded loins, sandals on feet, and staff on the hand, all symbolizing Israelites exodus journey. It later became a national temple meal and that is why there was a huge crowd in Jerusalem at the crucifixion of Jesus, since pilgrims came for the meal. Passover is celebrating the memorial of God’s saving act of the Israelites in the past, present and future. The aforementioned symbols plus sea water signify tears, four joyful cups of wine signify four miracles of God. The celebration reminds them of Gods promise to them, to be their God and liberate them and they will be His people. There is a fifth cup which stands for the promise…

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