Essay about The Hip Hop Generation And Hip Rap Generation

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When Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and Kanye West proclaimed their membership to the new black elite, they were being modest in their declaration because the Hip Hop echelon had arrived long before 2011. Many of them had not only accumulated a vast amount of wealth a decade prior, but took part in the shift in qualities that determined ones elite status. This alteration from the previous black elite during the fourth wave first emerged when the Hip Hop generation was born. It ultimately came full circle when black and brown youth in urban ghettos in New York united through privations and the fervent need to alter their grim futures. The Hip Hop generation was the first cohort of African Americans born in a post civil rights era. According to Bakari Kitwana in his book The Hip Hop Generation, most Hip Hoppers were born between 1965-1984 (Kitwana). For this generation, their social conscious has been fundamentally defined by the failed aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement and the inability of the U.S. government to provide true equal rights for all blacks. The negative effects of Reagonomics have largely influenced them as well as the war on drugs, early rudiments of the prison industrial complex, the rise of corporatization, the decade of greed, urban city decay, globalization and multiculturalism. Their unique distinction of being the first generation born in the post civil rights era made them the control group for legislation and public policy that was to guarantee blacks equal…

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