Essay on The Highwayman By Alfred Noyes

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“The highwayman came riding-riding-riding-The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn door.” “The Highwayman” is a long and detailed poem describing the short love life of the highwayman and Bess. The poem also describes their love 's end. In the poem the highway man 's character is soon revealed as a well to do thief. He then falls in love with the landlord 's daughter, and promises to return. Soldiers arrive at the inn and lay their trap for the highwayman. Bess gives up her life to warn the highwayman and then heartbroken at the death of Bess, the highwayman returns to the inn where he is quickly gunned down and killed. Written in August of 1906 by Alfred Noyes, “The Highwayman” is a magnificent work of poetic terms and literary devices. In the poem, Noyes uses a steady rhyme scheme, similes, and metaphors to help communicate the heartbreaking and tragic love life of Bess and the highwayman.
One of many poetic terms used in the poem “The Highwayman”, the rhyme in the poem helps set the mood, keep the poem alive, and gives the poem its flow and rhythm. In the poem the rhyme scheme is quickly established as A,A,B,C,B. In the text some rhyming words include “trees and seas” and “moor and door”. This rhyme from the first stanza helps the poem flow smoothly through the introduction of the setting, and sets the mood as a ghostly and relaxing night. The rhyming in this stanza also helps to keep the poem alive by never stopping or slowing down, but still keeping the reader…

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