Essay about The Highs And Lows Of Life

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The Highs and Lows in Life The crisp, cold mornings- the ones where you have to wear five layers of clothes to stay partially warm; those are the days I live for. Actually, I have lived for days like those since I was three. There has never been anything more relaxing than being surrounded by nature, on the beautiful Earth God created for us. Anytime I get the chance to be in the serenity of the woods, I am there. One morning specifically, I was lucky to have ventured to the deer stand with my dad. November 24th, 2006: a day that will always mean something to me. At the young age of eight, I did everything I could to be just like my dad. When the question arose if I wanted to go hunting, of course the answer was an excited yes. We were up before the crack of dawn. Putting on layers of clothes, spraying our feet with Scent-A-Way and getting all of the hunting gear ready were only minor steps to the long day that was lying ahead. The thirty-minute ride to Richfield felt like much longer and the walk to the stand felt miles long. I kept my head down as we trekked to the deer stand, placing my feet where my dad’s had been just seconds before. We climbed the steps of the deer stand and I feared the uncertainty of every step as we went higher and higher. We were there before sunrise, insuring that the deer had no way of seeing us walk in. As we sat in the dark my eyes grew heavy and before I knew it, I was asleep. After a quick power nap, it was time for the most important part…

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