The Highest Form Of Worship Is The Worship Of Unselfish Christian Service

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“The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless” (Billy Graham). This quote describes mission trips well, and it applies to the ones I have been on. I have gone on 5 mission trips so far: The Dominican Republic three times, Honduras, Haiti, and Ecuador. I am able to have gone on so many because my youth group goes to these places, along with other places. During my summer going into 9th grade I had the opportunity to go to the DR to help construct a chapel for a village down there. During my summer going into 10th grade I had the privilege to go to Honduras where we did a VBS type camp for a local school. Going into 11th grade I went back to the DR, where we again constructed a chapel for a local village. During my summer into 12th grade, I had the privilege to go to Haiti where we built a playground and did sports camps for the kids in the area we were staying in. This past summer I was blessed enough to go on two mission trips. The first one would be to the Dominican Republic. Then, after that trip I would be home for three days then I would leave for Ecuador, a place I had not been before. These two trips are the ones I want to focus on, because God showed me some impactful things on these two trips. Now, on these trips, something always seems to stay true, and that is I am always taught lessons. Some of the lessons are the same, and every time I go…

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