The High School Path For Me Essay

952 Words Sep 17th, 2016 4 Pages
At the beginning of senior year in high school, a three-word phrase was constantly drilled into my mind: the right fit. My teachers, counselors, and parents constantly stressed on how important it was to search for “the right fit” when it came to applying for colleges and universities. However, doing so was very tedious; long, stressful nights were dedicated to researching and weighing all my college options. That is, until I started to realize how many resources there were to help me narrow down my choices. These tools and resources aided me in eventually choosing the right college path for me.
The first tool I used was a website called, a ranking and reviewing site for K-12 schools, colleges, and even neighborhoods. For the reviews about colleges and universities, reviews are typically written by students that attend the university or college they are reviewing. This site provides rankings and reviews on so many aspects of the college or university I was looking at, but its most useful features are reviews about the college or university’s social scene (or lack thereof) and its campus life. These reviews talk about each university’s quality dorms and facilities, how good-looking and party-hungry its students are, how strict its administration is, and other resources like access to easy parking, advanced technology, and campus transportation. This tool really aided me in searching for my right college because it showed me aspects of campus life that can’t be seen…

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