The High School Hallway Room Floor Essay

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It all started with a stretch. Game day had arrived, and as a team, we were all ready to go out and kill it. We had already gotten dressed in our new uniforms, stretched, and finished warming up our legs in the Pequot Lakes High School hallway. Pequot had a great volleyball program, along with some great players, so we knew that the match against them would be a tough one. We all gathered in the locker room with the coaches, and the starters names were already written on the whiteboard: Hiltner, Borders, Ehlers, Engholm, March, Wangsness. I had never felt so much disappointment sitting on that locker room floor than any other time in my life, but I knew, right then and there, something would have to change. The usual starting middle hitters for our team were myself and Addison March, one of my best friends. We both have a high vertical and can get above the net no problem. Her hits go down faster than mine, but hitting spots for us is also no problem. I had always imagined that it would be me and her starting together our junior and senior years. But when I saw that my name wasn’t on the whiteboard, I had to keep the tears from welling up as disappointment and disbelief flooded my veins. “I should be up there,” I kept reminding myself, over and over again. Repeating a couple words in my head wasn’t making a difference. I knew that I would have to keep my head held high and act like it didn’t phase me at all. I thought about the week, about what I could have done wrong,…

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