Essay about The High School Education System

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When it comes to education one might believe that it is something every child is entitled to and that school should be able to guide students on how to be successful in the “real world,” and you would think that every student in this country is given all the resources they need to achieve what they want to do with their life. However, that is not the case in this country. In this country, we have allowed race to interfere with the education of this nation’s children, and because of race there is a disparity between institutions, more over high school institutions, that has let students of color to be in the lowest graduating rate, to have the lowest test scores, and to have high rates of not attending college. How did this happen? This happened through hyper-segregated neighborhoods and labeling theory in correlation to self-fulfilling prophecy that promote the failure that students of color have faced within the high school education system. Though there are many high schools that suffer from this type of racial inequality, Chicago public schools are a prime example for this.
Chicago is known as one of the most hyper-segregated cities in the U.S. This city’s hyper-segregation can be measured through isolation which works hand to hand with clustering and as well as centralization. When it comes to isolating racial groups it is like to keep these groups away from society: “we can group them all together in one spot so there can be easy control over these groups and away from…

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