Essay on The High School Dropout Rate

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Latinos are far behind their white peers in most academic areas. Although many look towards the high school dropout rate is a cause for this discrepancy in academic achievement, I believe it starts before schooling ever begins. On average, Latinos households have higher rates of poverty and lower average annual household income. However, this is a grouping of all Latinos and we see that not all Latinos are alike. For example, Cubans Americans tend to be among the “well off” Latinos with average household incomes above $40,000 while Mexican and Puerto Rican origin households tend to be less well off, with average household incomes below that of even African-Americans (Bean 2001). Furthermore, as is the focus of second-generation Latinos, we see that native-born Latino households tend to be substantially richer than their foreign-born household counterparts are.
Children born into rich families are at a distinct advantage when it comes to preparing for college. Obviously, having this social economic advantage earlier in life allow children to receive extra help is needed and thrives in areas where the schooling system has more funding. Additionally, and not only depends on the child access to not simply good schooling, private tutoring, and extracurricular training, but having stable housing, access to good nutrition and intellectual stimuli like books in the home to read, allows for academic child growth. Children without these stimuli are not “dumb”, but rather learn life…

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