The High School Boy Is A Master Of Deceit And The Good Guy Essay

1123 Words Nov 20th, 2016 5 Pages
“Good guys always finish last…”- the good guy. The high school, teenage boy is a delicate creature, a creature that, in a sense, cannot be tamed. Throughout history, there have been many mothers, fathers, and teachers who have thought themselves capable to conquer the beasts, yet all have failed. The high school boy is a master of deceit and is very unpredictable. In any given second, with little to no warning, his emotions can change from jovial to indignant, almost as if someone turned a switch in the boy’s brain. The boys, like dogs, seem to disregard all common sense and teaching to pursue a single goal. Though every mother and father is aware of the taint that influences their boy, there is absolutely nothing they can do to hinder him. College, grades, family, and food all seem to take the back seat to one overwhelming desire: women. The cancer of women affects most boys equally, yet there is also a direct reaction between the triumphs of a one bad boy with a girl that drives another already infatuated good boy into madness. The madness all begins with a single barrier that, when broken, brings forth a new opportunity and confidence. The barrier of the first kiss. I, along with many fellow comrades, have noticed that the “bad boys” always get the good girls. To an extent, this is true, but the curse can be broken if the good boy, being the adaptable creature he is, decides to ‘grow a pair.’ My certified first kiss* came on a warm, unexpected October night. It was my…

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