The High Profile Person I Selected For The ' Google Gotcha ! ' Activity Is Tiger Woods

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1) The high-profile person I selected for the ‘Google Gotcha!’ activity is Tiger Woods.
2) When googling Tiger Woods, I was met with a mix of positive and negative stories. The positive stories where ones that focused on his return to professional golf. Tiger is currently in recovery after multiple surgeries to heal his injured back, knee, elbow, and neck. The positive links are ones either detailing his recovery or anticipating his return to the PGA scene. The more negative and image-hurting links are focused on two main stories. The first involves a new development in his golf career and the other involving his scandal that broke the news in 2010. The golf related story focused on the actions of Lee Westwood, a fellow golfer. He commented that since Tiger has not had a good history at the Ryder Cup, a team based tournament, Tiger will not be playing in the cup, but acting as a member of the coaching staff. This is a surprise to many Golf fans as Woods was once the face of the entire sport. Also found after a more thorough search, an article detailing Tiger’s infamous Scandal where he was caught cheating on his wife.
3) When researching Tiger Woods, I found many different websites hosting articles on the most recent news regarding his golf career, and some about the latest new regarding his dating life. Also there was easily accessible websites, where biographies and personal information can be found about Tiger. Websites like and the Wikipedia entry for…

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