The High Level Of Math, English, And Science Proficiency Essay

1487 Words May 3rd, 2015 6 Pages
According to a Washington Post article published in 2014 about 75 percent of U.S. students tested in the lowest levels of math, English, and science proficiency. That statistic has not changed since 2003 (Gobry 1). 75 percent of U.S. students testing at the lowest level of math, English, and science proficiency is too low for an economic powerhouse that will rely on these current students in the near future. In order for our students to thrive like we have in the past, their education is crucial. Their education provides them the foundation to innovate like Alexander Graham Bell did and to discover like Benjamin Franklin. In a country where our roots of innovation are so strong, we need change to maintain the trajectory of innovation set by our past. Some offer the flipped classroom as the change we need in our education system. According to Forbes, the Flipped Classroom is a method where, “Teachers record and post video lectures in lieu of lecturing in class. Students view lectures at home on their computer or mobile device. Students spend class time actively working as opposed to passively sitting through lectures” (Bradt 1). Flipped classroom critics believe the flipped classroom creates a digital divide, encourages the use of more screen time, and that no new method will succeed because students’ resist to learn. However, the flipped classroom method should be implemented throughout American schools because it promotes the use of an accessible advanced interactive…

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