The High Cost Of College Essay

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Why the Cost of a College Degree Is So High Today

The price of attaining a college degree has increased dramatically over time. When people think about college, they think about the biggest investment of their life. Some people choose to not go to college simply because they think it is too expensive and will not pay off in the long run. With the competitiveness of employment today, more and more businesses are requiring a college degree of some sort to even be considered for a position. The hefty price tag of college is discouraging many people of going to college which is totally twisted. Many candidates for office have said, “everyone should get the opportunity to go to college for free”, but is this really possible? The high cost of college education is justified.


Everyone has their favorite college sports team. Watching college sports is often on every person 's agenda during the season of their favorite sports. Increased obsession with college sports have casued many colleges to start raising tuition in order to fund it. The cost of a college education has quadrupled since 1982 (NCES, 2015). A big portion of this money goes towards offering college athletes a large amount of scholarship money, and sometimes even full-rides. Five lucrative sports conferences have upped the value of their athletic scholarships to include the entire cost of attendance. In the year 2003, the NCAA even began to allow athletes to accept aid with Pell Grant…

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