Mcdonaldization Of Mcdonaldized Society

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The idea that McDonaldization is an inexorable phenomenon is an erroneous claim, which fails to take into consideration the political and socioeconomic dichotomy that exists independently from it. To fully appreciate the dynamism and influence of the establishment heads of the world, the examination of the concept of McDonaldization becomes a decent portrayal of their overwhelming power, while in the same instance disclosing the actual insignificance of such a system of production in the perspective of real power.

Systems of Government

In this hierarchical system of influence, one class reigns supreme in the scope of their influence, that would be the oligarchical class of society. This is so because rather than having power
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In doing, lets allow Ritzer to define what McDonaldization would entail, saying “McDonaldization is the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society, as well as of the rest of the world” (Ritzer, 1995, pg. 293). He goes further in expanding his point, detailing what he believed to be the five dimensions of McDonaldization; efficiency, whereby considerable deliberations are made in the discovery of the best possible means to achieving whatever ends is desired (Ritzer, 1995); calculability, placing considerable emphasis on the use of economies of scale to achieve large quantities of production to the detriment of quality (Ritzer, 1995); predictability, the process of contriving interpersonal communications as to anticipate behaviour to further one’s end goals (Ritzer, 1995); control, the incorporation of non-human technologies as to further the control of those whom participate in their businesses or institutions (Ritzer, 1995); and the irrationalities of rationality, whereby those involved in the process convince themselves that whatever consequences that may occur during the process, the end goals are significantly more imperative (Ritzer, …show more content…
Fear was a means of coercion, but in comparing the way the American government handled this financial crisis and how Iceland handled theirs there is a big difference in approaches that evidently prove why McDonaldization is not inexorable. This being that, for the executives in America there were no repercussions for their reckless and illegal behaviour, because the government was already bought and paid for which created a sort of contingency plan for these bankers for when their whole operations finally collapsed. As they gambled with depositors money in a McDonaldized way, emphasizing high quantities of beats, based on insider information, trying to control the market to maximize their own gains while ignoring possible losses for their clients and their company. They had no risk and they continue to do operate in such ways under pseudo regulations. However, this is unstainable as the American public have already demonstrated increasing outrage throughout the past eight years and financial institutions are being made to make symbolic gestures of reform by having high ranking executives step down without receiving bonuses! Though this farce may continue for now, it is certainly to implode but can be maintained

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