The Hiding Place: Should Corrie Have Hidden Jews?

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“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” Once said English writer John Bunyan. In the book The Hiding Place, everyone agrees that Jews were being taken by the Germans, but some people believe Corrie Ten Boom should have hidden Jews while others believe Corrie should not have hidden Jews. Corrie should have hid Jews for three reasons; opinions, actions and relatives. The first reason Corrie should have hid jews is because of opinions. When Corrie noticed Jews disappearing and figured out where they were going, she realized that the Jews did nothing to deserve the punishments they were receiving. Believing strongly that it was a good quality to assist others, Corrie also decided that others …show more content…
They argue that her actions were wrong-doings; disobeying Hitler and the Nazis and risking the lives of the Jews she was hiding. This argument is invalid because what Hitler and the Nazis undertook to the Jews was the actual wrong-doing. If Corrie would have stood aside and continued to let Jews be murdered, it would’ve been a greater regret than knowing that she saved lives, even if it risked her own. In addition, people argue that Corrie hiding Jews brought up many dangers, like putting herself and her family in danger and being sent to prison. This argument is also invalid because Corrie was always fine with the idea of putting other lives before hers. Her family who aided Corrie knew the consequences of their actions, but also believed others came before themselves. Even though Corrie and her family were transported to jail, nothing separated their love for each other and their love for God. They were eternally grateful and proud of the difference they had created for the Jews, and not even prison could alter that. Neither arguments — that hiding the Jews was wrong and dangerous — are good enough reasons to say Corrie should not have hid Jews. Corrie should have hid jews because of opinions, actions and relatives. One of the most influenced people by Corrie and others who hid Jews was Hitler because he was the leader of the Nazis and Corrie was disobeying his leadership and

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