Ryan Lobo Analysis

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Ryan Lobo is a photographer who spent time traveling the world and also to war torn countries like Afghanistan, Libera, and Iraq. Throughout 2007, Ryan found himself taking photos all the time when traveling through these countries. Ryan really felt and understood what his photographs had to offer. They represented something that is stronger then a documentary, something that hold so much purpose and ability to tell a story without a traditional narrator.

Photography The Hidden Story is a Ted Talk given by Ryan Lobo and throughout this Ted Talk, Ryan speaks of the idea that his photography is able to show something that a documentary of film may not be able to present. Ryan took his time and shot his photos with purpose and compassion. With
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He was able to experience many unique situations which ultimately have the power to alter and shape his opinions on topics many people are faces with everyday, like forgiveness, and inspiration. As he was traveling through Libera, Ryan and a group of his friends were able to meet and document (with photos and video) ‘General Butt Naked’ other wise known as Joshua, a war lord known for his brutal war crimes. As Joshua walk the land pleading for forgiveness from those he did wrong to and their families, he put his life at risk as he walk up to the family of those he has killed or raped while he tries to right his wrongs. The way that people are able to forgive Joshua for his actions, opened up Ryan’s eyes to the opportunities there are in life for forgiveness. Joshua’s story was able to change the way Lobo came across forgiveness and understand that no matter how much trouble you caused someone there is so a possibility to right what you have done and help those you have hurt. Another instance where Ryan’s experiences impact his opinions occurred again while traveling through Libra. Ryan was able to meet an all women United Nation group of Peace Keepers. These women have inspired other women all around the world, especially women back in India and there home towns. More women are wanted to take roles in powerful positions like police officers. The group of Peace Keeps is able to shift and shape the opinions of Lobo because these women are influential and inspiring on a global level which has the ability to open millions of peoples eyes to social issues that are going on today, concerning women and also the civil war in Libera. Not only do these moments alter and shape his opinions and way he views the world around him but they are also experiences that teach him about forgiveness and

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