The Hidden Dangers Of Bad Internet Websites Essay

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Top ten valid an in valid websites
Since the birth of the internet websites has come and go, the internet went through the dot- com stage where it inspired many hopes for the future of online business. For this reason, many companies were trying to open a The market became flooded with Dot-com that wanted to do a parentage of its business on the Internet. They work through a website that uses a domain. before the bubble burst dot-com stock soared to a very high price and everybody wanted in on it. When the price drop a lot of companies close their doors. Since 1990 there have been many improve to the internet and how to tell if a site is valid or not.
It is very easy to go to the wrong sites it can be physically and emotionally dangerous, especially for your kids. I am sure there have been many people that were negatively affected by the hidden dangers of bad internet websites. Ten websites I believe to be and not credible are, 1., 2., 3. 4. 5. 6. 7., 8. 9. 10. Fantastic it very difficult to get to some of the sites because are blocked by my virus detection software. your internet provider will block the site they realize the danger it causes. The three site 1., 2., 5.…

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