The Hidden Assault On Our Civil Rights Essay

873 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
It has always been known that basic human nature embeds the will to reach satisfaction and conformity in society through all means. Due to this, acceptance is customarily regulated to fit the requirements created by those who are considered superior. As individuals we are pressured to assimilate in order to fulfill the emotional void in the social aspect of their life. In Kenji Yoshino’s “Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights”, the concept of “covering” is introduced as a means to assimilate into the melting pot of society but is also viewed as a threat to both moral dignity and the civil equilibrium deserved by humanity. Covering can be defined as hiding one’s natural identity to meet the standards that are required of the individuals. The power of covering leads to demands that damage one’s integrity but remains relevant to American society due to its immense history and its contradictory elements that both negatively and positively apply to it. Yoshino reveals that covering has existed for ages and continues to roam in the growing population of the world. Unfortunately this technique so common done unwillingly that it has been categorized as a normality. Yoshino writes “Covering has enjoyed such a robust and stubborn life because it is a form of assimilation. At least… this country has touted assimilation as the way Americans of different backgrounds would be ‘melted into a new race of men’,”(Yoshino 294). In other words, covering has been around for so long…

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