The Heterogeneous Know How Of Downloading Essay

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The heterogeneous know-how of downloading
Each method of acquiring music helps the listener to make sense of the other. My two informants quoted before made reference to downloading or sharing, mainly via torrents. This piracy is one of the major concerns in public policies around the world as in academic research. But this is not entirely free and accessible to everybody. In the last survey about digital access from the National Institute of Information and Statistics (INEGI), it is stated that just 47.4 million Mexicans declare themselves users of the Internet, which is approximately 44 percent of the total population. But this does not mean that all of them have a regular access, just 10.8 million of houses have private access, which is 34 percent of all the homes across the country. That gives us a perspective about how a large percentage of people are not necessarily in contact with sharing options.
Accessibility is still an issue, once the option of physical piracy is left behind the listener is able to continue her decision making process. One of my informants says that he searches for music that is difficult to find, mainly old music, which he loves like Edith Piaf, Nat King Cole and Doris Day. For him this kind of music is difficult to find, particularly in the legal market, so he tried downloading: I used to download music from Ares, but then I stopped because it allowed to many viruses onto my computer, once my computer was left totally useless, broken. After…

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