The Hertiage Assessment Essay

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Culture and Cultural Competency in Health Promotion-The Heritage Assessment. Grand Canyon University NSR 429V Alice Verrett October 22, 2012
The heritage assessment is an inquiry tool to discover what was (past) and also help in defining what is (present) it does not show future but can aid a person to view roots-where and how came about and why certain beliefs are pertinent in or to the family and whether close or apart in distance. When the heritage assessment is utilized and the majority of the answers are positive responses can be an indicator showing a prediction that you most likely will mirror the
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Because of differences in culture and belief, poor support or no support of family and lack of knowledge for where to seek medical attention, many illnesses can be left undetected causing a higher incidence of prolonged care and hospitalization. So, as nurses we have to be culturally aware and sensitive to our patient’s belief’s and recognize how a person’s cultural differences and beliefs’ impacts on their care. The nurse can work with patient to put them in touch with support groups or programs that can help ensure the care being given is understood (interpreter) and questions the patient may have is answered correctly and timely. On interview of an Mexican-American, Caucasian and Black American family (multi-mix) the views and beliefs were very similar as there was strong family interactions and support, also noted strong religious affiliations and conviction, there is a sense of obligation to take care of one’s kin especially elderly family members and they tend confide and talk to each other even when they disagreed with one another they try to find common ground. On health matters such as health maintenance- which is a methodical strategy to avert illness, keep function at the highest level, and encourage wellness/health. Health care is crucial to nursing care in all three levels- primary, secondary, and tertiary and also in the preventive,

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