The Heroic Period Of Post War Essay

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This project starts by asking the question of what happened in the time between the heroic period of post-war reconstruction and the arrival of post-modernism in British architecture. The recent popularity of post-war British architecture, amongst architects and non-architects alike, unravel threads of lesser-know continuity between the post-war neo-avant-gardes and the post-modernists. This research will focus on a relatively well-known yet under-examined figure, Theo Crosby, to fill in the gaps and to expand the existing historiography of post-war British architecture. Crosby’s significance had been widely identified through his connections to the Independent Group, the Smithson couple and later the Archigram group. His tenure as the technical editor of the Architectural Design magazine from 1953-1961 has been commonly recognized as a key driver in the changes in architectural discourses of the period.

Crosby’s practice as an architect and the later half of his career, however, has rarely been mentioned in the existing historiography. One reason behind this obscurity of Crosby’s works, this research will demonstrate, is his betrayal of the Modernist doctrine in the 1960s. In the following decades, Crosby would transform from a forceful proponent of New Brutalism to an ardent advocate for preservation and later, one of the architectural advisors of Prince Charles. Crosby’s polemic career pivoted on two ends of the British architectural and intellectual history of the…

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