Essay on The Heroic Hero Of The Epic Poem ' The Iliad '

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Heroism is a concept that has, in many fictional works, had to adapt and change to suit the culture, society and time where said fictional works were produced. Ideals of society change over time, and the hero, an epitome of what it is to be a good and admiral person, changes with it, according to the qualities people in society see as being 'heroic '. By comparing ancient and modern heroes, we can see how the heroic character has changed through the ages, drawing similarities and differences. Homer, the Greek poet, created characters in his epic poems that were seen as heroes such as Odysseus (the Roman Ulysses) and Achilles, the protagonist and main hero of the epic poem, 'The Iliad '. Moving forward to Roman times, Virgil wrote of a hero named Aeneas who, supposedly, had led to Rome 's creation, reflecting what it means to be a Roman hero. Moving even further forward, we arrive in late 20th century America, where heroism has changed significantly from the Ancient times. However, we can still find similarities from our heroes nowadays to the heroes of the Ancient times.

Homer 's Iliad

To analyse the hero archetype and how it has developed, we must first look to Greece and the poet Homer, afterall, the word 'hero ' itself comes from Ancient Greece. Living in 7th century BC, he was to reflect societal ideas of heroic figures through his poetry. In Homer 's epic poem 'The Iliad ', we see one such hero in the form of Achilles, a hero that, even today, we…

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