The Heroes Of The War And Joseph Ruling The People From Egypt Out Of A Famine

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Historically heroes and their tales have been around for centuries and revolved around certain cultures all around the world. The surroundings around these heroes change throughout each story, but the heroes themselves are all the same. The hero usually doesn’t decide to be a hero; he is usually chosen to become one by a great force. They usually all have a same basic plot story as well, they have to go on a journey and make great sacrifices along the way and along they plot of these stories he has to overcome these obstacles. Examples of these great heroes are Odysseus traveling back home after the Trojan War and Joseph ruling the people from Egypt out of a famine. These two great heroes’ are quite similar to one another by being imperfect heroes, they are different in a cultural sense and both overcome personal transformations. Hebrew and Greek culture greatly differ from one another, but their heroes are almost one in the same. Our heroes aren’t the most perfect specimens they are actually quite flawed; they lie and commit things that question their morals. Although married, Odysseus continually has affairs and even sacrifices his men. Joseph, when first seeing his brothers for the first time after they sold him to slave traders didn’t tell them who he really was. Both of these heroes also were “called” upon to perform certain duties that they were destined to fulfill. All the trials and tribulations that Joseph went through, from being sold to slave traders by his…

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