The Hero 's Journey ( Or A Monomyth ) Essay

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Although people may not realize it, there is an underlying template for many stories that are popular today. This template, called the Hero’s Journey (or a monomyth), serves as the underlying structure for a wide range adventure stories. There are many steps in this story model, but the more important ones are the “Call to Adventure”, the “Hero’s Acceptance of the Challenge”, the “Road of Trials”, the “Gathering of Allies and Powers”, the “Initial Loss to Evil”, the “Dark Night of the Soul”, the “Leap of Faith”, the “Victory Over Evil when Confronted Again”, and then the “Student Becoming the Teacher”. Many critically acclaimed movies like Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and Star Wars are based off of this story template. . This plot structure may be showcased in many modern works, but it actually originated in ancient times, and can be seen in Homer’s Odyssey. This template for heroic poems can also be seen in the old English poem Beowulf. While this ancient poem does not perfectly follow every step in the Hero’s Journey structure, it follows the model closely enough to be considered a monomyth. The first and most important step in the Hero’s Journey, is the call to adventure. Without the call to adventure, there would be either no need for an adventure or the adventure would seem very random. Beowulf’s call to adventure was not a literal call, but he was called to sail to Denmark by an unfortunate series of events troubling a nearby king. From the depths of the Earth…

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