The Hero 's Journey By Joseph Campbell Essay

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What makes a person become a hero? In the book The Hero’s Journey written by Joseph Campbell, he mentions that there are 12 stages for a person who becomes a hero. Moreover, the hero process is like cycling. It means that the person changes into a hero, but eventually, he will return to the very beginning, stage and start the same process for another story again. A hero must live in an ordinary world, and face a great deal of challenges in his daily life. Then, he will die as well as rebirth when he understands a new attitude toward the world, and obtain a new power which is good enough to protect people. Then a hero returns where he begins. Understanding this cycle, people can observe an essential concept of the book The Notes of a Native Son written by James Baldwin because he uses the same idea—the cycling from death to rebirth—to describe the relationship between the son and his father. In his book, Baldwin basically talks about how he hates his father who has a lot of warnings to him, and Baldwin does not realize why his father has such these warnings. But after his father’s death, he begins to notice the discrimination which restricts him and his family’s life when he moves to New Jersey. He starts getting the idea why his father has this attitude against the white people because his father wants to protect his children from exposing to the world existing discrimination. Therefore, his family moves to New York City from New Orleans where their…

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