The Hero 's Journey By John Connor, Bilbo Baggins And Neo From The Matrix

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The Hero’s Journey is a widely-used formula to understand protagonists and is the perpetual basis for most story arcs involving good vs. evil. The portrayal of the main character, as introduced, is that of an average joe. Someone that would otherwise be indiscernible in a crowd of extras. For example John Connor, Bilbo Baggins and Neo from the Matrix. The “commoner to hero” narrative is generally the basis for most hero beginnings given it creates a sense of relatability between the audience and character. The protagonists generally go through a transition where they meet a mentor and face several initial trials. Through the tests, they learn to master their skills and cross into a new world to confront the ultimate challenge, transforming the protagonists into the heroes. Given the popularity of using this cycle to develop narratives, it is not a surprise that it is used in one of the most successful franchises known to the modern world, Star Wars. In comparison, the most commonly known interpretation of the mythological monomyth, generally regarded as the model for the past couple centuries, is the Arthurian legend. Whether it is told from Merlin’s point of view, Arthur’s, or even Morgana’s, the cycle tends to repeat itself. A reformed Arthurian legend is illustrated with the graphic novel The Merchant of Death where the Hero’s journey is told from the perspective of fourteen-year-old Bobby Pendragon when he gets thrust into the world of Denduron. The fourth threshold is…

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