The Hero Of The Tragic Hero Essay

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One of the distinguished literary theory 's brought forth by Aristotle is the theory of the tragic hero. A comprehensive definition of this theory is a character whether in film or book who makes a judgment error that leads to the character’s own destruction. For this question I will be looking at Joe Paterno and why I consider him to be an excellent example of a tragic hero. I will break down his story as a tragic hero in parts as illustrated in the class notes.
Tragic Hero Part 1: The first part of the tragic hero theory is that the character is of noble stature and has greatness. This noble stature/greatness is clearly evident for Joe Paterno. He is considered one of the best college football coaches in history being the most victorious coach in NCAA FBS history. He has won various awards and honors including being a member of the college football hall of fame and in 2009 was award the honor of being one of the best 50 greatest coaches of all time which include coach from various sports such as baseball, football, hockey, and college sports as well.
Tragic Hero Part 2: The second part of the theory is that the character is pre-eminently great, but he/she is not perfect which allows the audience to relate to flawed hero. In the case of Joe Paterno, we can look at his humble beginnings. Joe was not born into a football family; he was born in Brooklyn and came from a modest family where his dad was a law clerk and his mom was a homemaker. He even joined the military for a…

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