The Hero Of The Iliad Essay

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The hero in The Iliad is portrayed by the duty, honor, and bravery they bestow upon the community in which they live. In the Homeric community there is no better way for a hero to be honor then to die in battle, especially if the hero dies for his community or family. One of the greatest heroes of the time is Achilles, who was the son of Thetis, a sea goddess, and knight Peleus (Homer 160). With social and culture differences each hero is embodied a certain way. In The Iliad a hero is one of honor and commitment to family and community. A hero does not turn an eye to battle, for he is not a hero if done so. In The Iliad, the hero plays an important role of the whole stories backdrop. In Homeric culture, honor was important in every one’s life. With the duty of every hero needing to fight in order to have glory and immortality. The Homeric community always thought of their heroes as ones that protected them in the time of need. In being a hero it was a responsibility to protect the community. Honor was needed to be followed as such, with the hero’s whole reason was for his family and city. Dishonor is not to be thought upon in the culture of the period, as it was a weak sign, and not taken lightly. As Achilles and his mother Thetis, had felt Agamemnon had dishonored them “…by taking his prize and keeping her.” (Homer 134) Although, a hero always planned his whole life, for the life and death of battle. In Homeric culture, men had to stand together in battle, be respectful…

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