The Hero Of The Four Feathers By Harry Feversham Essay

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Heroes are people who are determined to do what’s right for their comrades or community. They are determined to follow their dreams; they are determined to reach a goal that they set for themselves, and they do. The hero of “The Four Feathers” is Harry Feversham, the descendant of a long line of military heroes, who is expected to carry on the tradition of his overbearing authoritarian father. He was a true figure for the Victorian fantasy of war as a manly endeavor. In the book Salvage the Bones, Esch had surpassed her security stage of life for survival. She is brave, courageous and extremely devoted to her family which makes her a true heroine. All stories consist of common structural elements or stages found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and movies. These stages compose the Hero 's Journey. The Hero’s journey consists of five stages that he/she must overcome in order to achieve the ultimate goal. The first stage, the security stage, involves the hero being in a state or place that is safely structured. In this stage, he/she must break the cultural encapsulation in order to enter the next stage which is shock. In shock separation, the hero is thrown out from his/her secured environment to conquer the outside world which leads to the chaotic stage: disorientation. In this stage, the hero must go through challenges along with a quest. Disorientation is chaotic and unpredictable, an environment in which the strategies that allowed the…

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