The Hero Of Eleanor Roosevelt: My Hero

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When people hear the word hero, they usually imagine the generic spandex wearing, soaring like a bird hero, like the kind you see in the movies. When I hear the word hero, I instantly think about people who made a great impact in our world, like Martin Luther king jr. or Gandi. My hero that I chose to commemorate is someone who is strong, independent, has enough kindness to spread across the world, and single handedly proves that this is not just a man’s world, my hero is Eleanor Roosevelt. In this paper I will give brief accusations to ensure you that she earns the title of being a hero. Eleanor was born in New York, New York on the date of October 11, 1884. She was nurtured by Anna hill and Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt. later in life she will start a family of her own and have 4 sons named Elliot, Franklin Delano, James, and John Roosevelt with the following of a daughter named Anna Roosevelt.
Eleanor Roosevelt showed so much courage in her lifetime that she earned the title of hero. A great example is when she quit a club called the Daughters of the American Revolution due to the fact that they rejected Marian Anderson, an African American singer’s performance.
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Eleanor was so smart that she was appointed the Delegate for the United Nations at the time to help make decisions on a new act, called the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Not only was she a part of the United Nations, President John F. Kennedy appointed her chair of his Commission on the Status of Women, where she continued that work shortly before her death. Due to her intelligence, she served as her husband’s eyes and ears throughout his whole terms as president. Lastly, she gave many heartfelt speeches that changed the minds of the people to think positively and display kindness to one another. All examples listed are great statements which proves Eleanor to practically be a true hero in my

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