Essay about The Hero Is The Man Of Self Achieved Submission

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Overcoming obstacles in one’s life is never an easy task, yet they must be confronted by oneself to continue on in life. When one must confront extremely difficult obstacles this task seems impossible. A person who chooses to take on these arduous tasks in their own life is brave. When one chooses to face them on behalf of their community, for the benefit of many, they deserve to be allauded and honored as the heroes that they are. They are a special breed of humanity, one such person is Malala Yousafzai. In The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell states, “the hero is the man of self-achieved submission.” We witness this submission in Malala, who was aware of her potential, and the need to make a stand. She committed herself to fight for all Pakistani girl’s right to an education. Her journey leading to her becoming the face and voice of a cause affecting her country is typical of the monomyth vividly detailed by Campbell. He identified a common pattern of stages in the symbolic stories of heroes from across different cultures and religions. The stages that the individual passes through to reach their goal, transform them. They are able to overcome the obstacles and bring back a prize. Hopefully for the betterment of the community, thus creating our heroine who will ultimately achieve her full potential in life.
The first stage in Campbell’s monomyth is the Call, where the potential hero is placed on a path to a greater purpose, which may come as “one may be…

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