Essay about The Hero : A Hero

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What do you think of when someone says the word heroism? A hero is someone who has immense amounts of courage, intelligence, and strong will power. There are many more characteristics of a hero such as, being a respected and good leader. Also, they have to be able to think of other people over themselves. A hero is not someone who can fly, see through walls or has some incredible super power. A hero is someone who stands up for something they believe in and fights for it to better someone else’s life, often times putting their own life at risk. Heroes are not people that have the ability to fly, turn invisible, read someone’s mind or has super strength. A hero doesn’t go around the world fighting evil monsters and super villains. They don’t have immense amounts of wealth or power. They are not your government leaders, who sit back and do nothing while their people suffer. Heroes don’t let other people walk all over them. They don’t throw people under the bus and hurt people for the sake of it. A hero is a kind-hearted person who shows affection for other people and looks after them before they think of themselves. They have courage, honesty, bravery, and valor. These traits make them respected and followed by people. Heroes are normal people that do kind and courageous acts for other people. They aren’t some super heroes fighting bad guys. Heroes can come from anywhere. The hero’s that you see on a regular basis are the brave men and women that fight in the armed forces.…

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