The Help Movie Analysis

In 2011 the movie The Help was made and based off the best selling book of the same name. The book portrays how white women treat their black maids in 1960’s Mississippi. The life lessons one can obtain from this movie are moving and life changing.
An insight one can gain from this film is that a person must always do what is right, even if it results in the person becoming a social pariah. The main character, Skeeter, exposes the racial injustice that southern women inflict upon their black maids. Skeeter, who grew up in a well to do white family in Mississippi, comes home from college and watches her now married and grown up friends treat their black help with no dignity. Skeeter decides to write a book focusing only on the perspective of the help, and by doing so, enrages her white friends. In one scene, her boyfriend storms on her porch after he finds out Skeeter wrote the book. He is so enraged he starts to yell at her strenuously and the viewer can see his veins bulging, and eyes widen. He yells that everything was fine the way it was, and points at her and says she is selfish, and “better off alone.” Before Skeeter can even respond to his hurtful and curt remarks, he storms off. Skeeter is left in tears as she watches him slam the door and drive away. Skeeter still has no regrets about writing the book
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They were never heard, and no one cared enough to hear their story. Skeeter had to be their voice because no one would listen to them, and hear the daily struggles they endured. This opens one’s eyes to the idea that everyone has to be the driving force of justice for the people who have no say. Sometimes, certain people will only listen if the words come out of a different mouth. When Skeeter became the voice of the marginalized, she lost all of her friends. By doing this she proved that doing what is right is the most rewarding feeling there

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