The Help By Kathryn Stockett Essay

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The novel “The Help” written by Kathryn Stockett and film “The Help” directed by Tate Taylor had many differences some were noticeable while others were insignificant. I believe that in order for the director to achieve variation there were changes made to hold the audience’s attention. The director’s intention was to create a well-illustrated movie that was not identical to the novel, but also not completely separate from the novel. It was important that certain scenes be changed that he may have felt would go unnoticed such as location, a description or time. I loved the book written by Kathryn Stockett it was much better than the film directed by Tate Taylor, as it allowed me to visualize and imagine each portion of the story being told. The novel is straightforward and honest look at a time when societal rules were not challenged.
The cast of characters in The Help is on the large side, however the list of central characters consist of just four characters. These are the characters that drive the action of the novel. Miss Skeeter Phelan is the character narrating a majority of the story. She is college educated, Caucasian, and an aspiring journalist. Though she begins the story as an insider and friend to Hilly Holbrook, Skeeter becomes an outcast because of her social views and her unwillingness to go along with Hilly on her separate restroom initiative. Aibileen is a maid and a writer who agrees to help Skeeter write a book of stories of colored maids and their…

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